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Imagine What Would Happen If Your Audience Thought About You Every Day!


  • There are currently 6.3 billion smartphones in the world
  • There are more phones in people’s hands than computers on desks
  • Most people check their phones around 58 times a day
  • Most people spend 4-5 hours daily engaging on their phone
  • 90% of that time is spent on mobile Apps, NOT mobile websites

Get More Customers With A Business App—Let's Talk

    The Social Media Dilemma

    Aside from LinkedIn and a couple others, massive numbers of people have left the big social media networks that once mattered.

    You’ve likely heard about censorship and blocking of accounts. The betrayal of our right to free speech as caused an exodus of millions of people leaving the networks you’ve probably spent a lot of time and money building a following on.

    As a result, the incredibly LOW REACH and HIGH COST OF ADVERTISING  has made social media no longer an option for growing your business, helping people and making money.

    Get up to 100% Reach

    On social media, you only get up to 5% organic reach to your audience. With your own branded app, you’ll get up to 99% reach.

    Our freedom of speech should never be stifled, especially when an entrepreneur! If you can’t communicate, you can’t survive in business.

    Yet censorship is becoming more and more prevalent on social media platforms. If you say something they don’t agree with you’re gone! No questions asked.

    We can’t operate under that kind of scrutiny and the danger of “being turned off” on a whim.

    This shows how we’ve never really owned our community of followers on social media.

    The time for a better solution growing and interacting with your following. And here it is…

    Say "Hello!" to The Next Generation of Marketing Like You've Never Seen

    Wondering what it would be like to have an app for your business?

    Just ask your competition. That is … if you can find them through the dust they just left you in.

    The next two minutes and thirty-two seconds might change the way you do business from here on out. 

    Get a quick update on what this app can do for you. 
    Click the Play button below…
    Push Technology

    Push Technology

    Instead of opt-ins and spammy approaches, people who want more from someone like you download your app and ask to be contacted by you regularly. Imagine thousands of people waiting for your next communication, tip, offer...!

    Deliver Content

    Deliver Content

    Build your list and help a lot of people. You can offer everything from your app, including: training courses, free & paid memberships, journals, newsletters, live events, summits, webinars, evergreen programs, and more.



    You can invite non-competing experts to be on your app, making the experience for customers even more valuable. PLUS, you get to be involved in cooperative marketing. This is were everyone promotes to the app. This is powerful marketing!!

    Get ready to discover all the benefits and secrets of a business app

    Social Media

    Problem: There are too many distractions on social media, so the attention on your message is fleeting.

    Solution: Send people into your own branded app environment, where your message is front-and-center, and the only thing they see.

    Email Marketing

    Problem: Email opt-in, open and click rates are so low that email marketing has become an ineffective marketing tool.

    Solution: Apps use “Push Notifications” as their form of communication, and engagement with this method is 300%-1,000% more engaging than email!

    Web Marketing

    Problem: Getting clients to return to your website on a regular basis is a task few experts are able to achieve because people want easy access to content, and fewer steps to get there.

    Solution: If your app is on their phone, then you have ultimate access to them without them having to login each time, and with push notifications it is easy to remind and drive them to your app content.

    Watch Video

    What Business Apps Can Do

    Yes! If you have content to offer, you can deliver it through your app. People can watch your videos, listen to your audios, read articles and get tips and more. You can even offer live events, webinars and virtual summits.

    Memberships is one of the awesome features you can use with your business app. You can offer different levels, like Free and Paid memberships and more.

    Apps offer the most effective way to promote and market your products and services. You can be more engaged with your audience like never before. People eagerly await your tips, articles, and other things they’ve requested you send them. Apps are very powerful communication tools to engage with your audience

    Pretty much if you can think it up, an app can do it. But let’s bring up another capability:  With your app, it’s possible to have other experts and businesses promote the app. This way, everyone wins. You’re able to use cooperative marketing where everyone is promoting the same app, to everyone’s benefit. This is extremely powerful marketing!

    The Team Behind BizCentric

    We're a family-owned business, and understand the intricate inner workings of small business. Behind every client is a team who wants them to grow and succeed.




    Robert is our founder and has created DFY solutions for business owners for over 20 years.



    SEO Specialist

    Loral is the wizard behind the scenes making big things happen for businesses.

    Tyler Nahas

    Tyler Nahas

    Marketing Manager

    Tyler is our rock. He solves any technical challenges we or our clients run into.

    Amazing Features

    All apps are not created equal. Our tech partners spent that last 8 years perfecting its capabilities that fulfill every need of entrepreneurs. As entrepreneurs, we need ways to communicate with our audience. An app for business is the a way to offer multiple ways to interact with your audience. Tale a look at some of them below:

    Amazing Tools

    For the first time, business owners have everything in one place. No more fragmented SaaS (Software as a Service) all over the Internet that costs you thousands of dollars.


    The Power behind an app is the ability to get people to engage with your calls to action!

    List Building

    Build your list by capturing email addresses so you can send to warm customers.


    As business owners, one of the hardest things to do is figure out where are people spending their time? Where are people engaging the most? your audience dwells. One thing for certain is that people are on their smart phones. With an app, you are on their phones.


    Dynamic apps have Push Technology capability. you're able to notify people about your products and services. Send tips, quotes, special offers, invitations, announcements, etc. to people who want to hear from you.

    Cost Effective

    It's likely you've thought about having an app but weren't sure what that app should do. If you looked into creating one, you probably don't pursue it because of how much it costs to develop one.

    Premier Local's Great Pricing Plans

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    • Basic Placement
    • $129
    • Per Month
    • 24/7 Support
    • 50 Gb Bandwidth
    • 1 User Acount
    • Intermediate Placement
    • $249
    • Per Month
    • 24/7 Support
    • 200 Gb Bandwidth
    • Unlimited Experiences
    • 10 Themes
    • Weekly Updates
    • Advanced Upper Placement
    • $449
    • Per Month
    • 24/7 Support
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • 50 Gb Bandwidth
    • Daily Updates
    • 10 User Acounts
    • Custom Hosting
    • Unlimited Acces

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