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Hello local small business owners! If you’re here, you were invited to learn more about an amazing opportunity to reconnect with your customers and bring in more income on a regular basis.

There is a way to connect with your audience right where they are, with their full attention, no distractions. They want to hear from you and will eagerly open and read, watch or listen to what you have to share with them.

I know this sounds like a utopian dream for business owners but, right now, we as small business owners, have a real opportunity to reap the benefits of a certain expanding technology; something that has not been utilized to its fullest for increasing business—until now.

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I’m Robert Nahas, Founder and CEO of BizCentric, LLC.

When it comes to “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunities, I’ve been nothing but in last place. I’ve become a little cynical about it

I’m tired of hearing, throughout my entire life, how other people made A LOT of money, but by the time I found out about these opportunities, it was too late to get in on it. 

Bitcoin, Microsoft and Apple stocks, the wheel… you name it, I missed out on ALL of them!

If my personal experience resonates with you, then this is going to be an interesting read. This isn’t about investing, it’s about being at the right place at the right time as a business owner.

We’ve all seen thousands of apps that have come out. You’ve probably wondered how an app could help your business, if only for the fact that almost every person on Earth has a smartphone!

To be able to reach people right from their phones would be a powerful thing! 

I’m not referring to those geo unsolicited spam messages we all get. We’re talking about a situation where everyone who downloads the app WANT to hear form you! 

Social media and email marketing aren’t what they used to be. They are still things we still need to do to promote our businesses and get sales. But now, we have another opportunity to add to what we’re already doing—A VERY EFFECTIVE WAY TO MAKE A LOT MORE STEADY INCOME AND INCREASE YOUR CUSTOMER BASE.


Apps, for the most part, have been designed to be one-dimensional. In other words, they do one or two specific things, and that’s it. Still, these questions remained: 

  • —”How do we connect with the population right from their phones in a way that is conducive for the business environment of educating people about our products and services, promoting, selling…”
  • —”How do we get people’s undivided attention, long enough to convey something worthwhile to them, without them clicking away from being distracted by yet another cute kitty video or the latest scandal?”
  • —”How do we get people to want to hear from us on a regular basis?” And most importantly…
  • —”How do we get people to buy from us so we can help them to live better lives?”

The fact is, there hasn’t been such an app… until now. 

Our partners have spent the past 8 years building and improving the most amazing app made by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. It’s the only way this could have ever happened. 

There had to be the joining of great minds—the genius of the savvy business owner working closely with the technical wizardry of the master app developer. And here we are today with the most brilliant app for connecting your business with people who want what you have for sale!

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 What would this app do?

The most effective websites work because they remove as much distraction as possible. You’ve likely heard of Click-Funnels. Russell Brunson didn’t reinvent the wheel by creating this company. He simplified how to make distraction-free web p[ages that bring people on a journey. Brilliant!  

We’ve seen gaming apps and specific apps for things like accounting, finance and other one-dimensional uses. 

But what would an app need to do to get more customers and create more traffic…and of course, sales.

If you were to figure this out, there then lies the cost challenges. You may have looked into having an app developed and realized that it wasn’t in the cards for you to have an app anytime soon, since it can average around $100,000.00 even for an app that is only fairly limited in what it can do.

Hopefully, you haven’t been taken by someone who offered their cheaply-priced template app. Low prices have a way of allowing us to chance things, but the result is never good. 
You either have to invest a lot more time and money for it to work well or you end up with something that no one wants to download, at least not for very long. It’s embarrassing when people start deleting your app minutes, or days, after they’ve downloaded it. And let’s not forget the reputation that is injured by it. 
It took working on this since 2014, but within those 8 years, these questions and issues have been made figured out. This app has been designed and build by entrepreneurs, for business owners.

But just like all of the other opportunities that we missed out on, when this catches on, the dynamic will change. Things will NEVER be as wide open as it is right now. 

Will this technology become ineffective in the same way that email marketing has dwindled in recent years? No one knows, but for now, the thing to do is get on an app that enables you to communicate better.

If you want to know my viewpoint on this, I don’t see this technology will lose its effectiveness. I say this because when we respect the requests of our audience, supply them with value and interesting information, remove all of the uncontrollable, spammy random communication from all directions…we end up with an amazing environment customers and their businesses only have dreamed of up to this point.

One thing I am 100% sure of is that right now is the time to reap the most benefit. It’s that point in a bell curve where there is little to no resistance. There is strong interest. 

And those who bring it to the marketplace experience that seldom-seen period of amazing success when something is ready to explode, from high demand and low competition. It’s the upswing point of the bell curve. 

So, it works exactly the way businesses need an app to work so you can: 

  • — get more customers
  • — keep them engaged and
  • — buying more of what you have to offer.
The competition I’m referring to is the big guys—whatever that means to you. 

If you have a mom and pop business in town, then it’s the big box stores, the big chain stores. If you’re in  the services industries, then maybe it’s the big players who won’t let you into the game to play.

They keep a tightly closed circle where they each recommend their products and services to each other’s massive lists, but they won’t give you the time of day, no matter how valuable what you have to offer the world.

You get the idea. And this is one of the superpowers of this app:


So, it not only promotes an ideal, friendly environment among small businesses. We start to level the playing field with the “big guys”. It has always been known that combined, the small businesses are greater than the mega stores.

This app gives small business a platform to present on. Not just any stage. We’re talking about the perfect environment where there are no distractions, no mega giants with their gargantuan marketing budgets to overshadow us with.

Introducing Premier Local TM
Being early comes with the challenge of our own personal doubt. It’s so much easier to follow what others are doing. When we’re first, it can be a little scary. But I think once you see how that this isn’t an easy way to get rich quick, and how practical this really is, it will all make much more sense to you. 

I think we can agree that it’s smarter to base our decisions out of practicality than it is to act on impulse and emotion. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve usually pretty pragmatic and like things to add up and make sense before I part with my hard-earned income.

This is NOT about creating a dog-eat-dog environment with your neighboring businesses. They are not our real competition. They are our allies, and I’ll explain why in a second. 

First, let’s clarify who the real enemy is to the small business owner…

It’s the big box stores, the mega giants, the big chains—the businesses that take from the hard-earned money from the local people and contribute very little back. They don’t spend their money here, and the jobs they offer put most people on food stamps. 

This isn’t all big businesses, but it’s almost all of them. 

These types of businesses destroy the economic structure of the local area. Instead of a self-supporting system, they ship their money off to other places and sometimes countries. Beyond their public relations campaign, for creating a good image, they don’t care about the people.

Don’t believe me? Try and go to one of them and ask to leave some cause-based booklets—like helping people get off drugs or improving literacy or any of a thousand other great causes—and see what they say. 

When my wife and I did, they said, “Sorry, we don’t allow that.” If this doesn’t speak volumes on how these conglomerates are milking small communities, I don’t know what would.

But when we wen to the local merchants, we were greeted with kindness and strong interest. They thanked us for bringing them by. Big difference, right?

Now that we have “the competition” clearly defined, let’s talk about how we, as a community of small businesses and local residents, can start to level the playing field where we can really thrive!

What’s so exciting is, you’re finding out about a way to grow your business with a technology that approximately 95% of business owners know nothing about as of today. 

Being first does two things: 

  1. 1. it gives you a head start to establish before the majority and
  2. 2. there is very little competition, so the results are amazing.
We are way ahead of the curve at this point in time! What does this mean?
It means that you, if you don’t drag your feet with this, can be in an app that allows you to communicates better with your customer base. Let me explain…

We can sum up the success of a business by its ability to findcommunicate, and sell to an audience who wants what you have

And then we have this business law:

Those who communicate the most, win. And of them, those who communicate better get the lion’s share of the pie.

So, what the heck am I talking about?

Now, before you write this off as another empty claim or a “too little, too late” situation, realize that the odds of finally hearing about something BEFORE THE CROWD learns about it are pretty good. 

It was just a matter of time before this would happen to us. It’s been long overdue, but finally happening. Let me explain…

If you will take a little time to read this through, you’ll come to see what is happening at this point in time. 

You will either have an amazing head start and reap significant the benefits from your timing, or you’ll probably have to work a lot more harder to try and catch up. 

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